Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion night out in NYC, Sephora meet and greet, beauty gurus, Kat Von D

Amanda, Kat & Naomi
Lauren and me
Denisse, Lee, me, Lauren
In front of F21
With Aubrey!!!!
Lovely ladies
Me and Amanda
Kat Von D & me! (SURREAL)
More lovely ladies
With Petrilude
Amazing night!

Words alone cannot explain how amazing that night turned out to be. I love that youtube has brought us all together because at times I feel like some of you guys are seriously better friends than those I have known for years. Kat Von D was also beyond what I had anticipated, she was so chilled and sweet. I had no one that I knew next to me to take a picture of us so she actually took my digital camera and shot the picture of us!


  1. awesome pics girl!! im so bummed i couldnt go :( but happy u got to meet so many nice people :D xoxox

  2. weee look amazinggggg :D still cant believe we met KAT VON D !! AHHHHH

  3. cool wish i could of been at that sephora i was in the one at soho nothin was much der

  4. Looks like you had a great time Naty! Kat seems really nice. She tattooed my cousin...I'm so jealous lol.


  5. Hey girl. Thanks for uploading the pictures. I had sooooooooooooooooooo much fun. Can't wait to hang again soon. I will try to upload the video this week, just waiting for more videos from the rest of the girls. Thanks for following my blog. I followed back. Love ya!

  6. Hi!!!im so jealous...what a nice day!
    please have a look at my blog..I am new and I would love you opinion

  7. Looks like a TOTAL blast! oooh eme geeee

    Kat took the pic of you two too!! love all the pics!

    I saw Aubrey at Leesburg Outlets in VA almost 2 years ago and I was too shy to say hello, i'm such an idiot, lol...

  8. That is so cool!!

    I watch most of them very often! Love Petrilude, he is my hero!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  9. Aww man u met all the guru's that's so cool. on fashion nite out I was getting freebie's haha. And i used to go to H.S. with Lauren she's a follower of my blog and Iam of her's