Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bedroom eyes look without using black eyeshadow!

J.Lo with subtle bedroom eyes since they aren't too dark
Hello ladies and gents, my friend Karen (above) came over my house recently and we decided to film a make-up tutorial for youtube. I decided to create subtle bedroom eyes, which is basically just a smokey eye but its subtle in the sense that I do not use black eyeshadow which can be to harsh or too dramatic for some people.  I googled "bedroom eyes" and this is what I found, "Bedroom eyes are sultry, usually with heavy or sleepy-looking lids that call to mind the boudoir because they make you look like you just emerged from a romp in the hay".

Products used:
M.A.C "Warm Grey" Limited Edition but Scene is really similar.
M.A.C "Soba"
M.A.C "Mulch"
Victoria Secret "Risk"
Maybelline "Champagne Frizz"
Stila Smudge pot gel linger in black