Saturday, March 13, 2010


Listening to: Swing Life Away- Rise Against ♫♪

Let me start of by saying it was such a yucky rainy and windy day in New York City. I seriously hate gloomy/rainy days- I never thought the weather could have such an effect on my mood, well it does, I feel all blah and sad, plus there isn't much to do and oh yea, my umbrella broke in half (it was a good one too) not cool. Anyways, I've also been beyond stressed because of school, I'm a stress/anxiety eater, I seriously just crave everything that isn't healthy which is why I'm not 130 pounds anymore, I'm 137 now =/ Okay, I know what your thinking 7 pounds is not that serious Nat, well when you can barely breath in your jeans...that's when you know that 7 pounds DOES make a serious difference. Everyday I wake up saying, today I will eat healthy and not eat to just eat, and well that hasn't been working apparently but I know it's all due to school because when I'm not in school I loose weight since I'm occupied with either making youtube videos, working, hanging out w/ friends and I have time to exercise. I also love going for walks but when it's too cold, that's not entirely relaxing. I can't wait for spring/summer (:

Ps. I keep reminding myself school will be over before I are some pictures of last weekend.


  1. you're just having an off couple of days/weeks! spring is right around the corner, yay!

    stress eating is never fun, but at least you have the right attitude and motivation to eat healthier once things calm down!


  2. It's rainy/windy here too. :/
    Look at the bright side--you look super cute in those pictures! :)

    Side note: I <3 Rise Against!

  3. i feel like rain or snow in nyc is ridiculous! it totally messes up your outfit. its like you need to plan your outfits according to your rainboots (which is a must for nyc residents, i think. i mean u can do like leather boots too but still! LOL