Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Favs.

LEFT: is Footloose Fuscia by L'oreal & RIGHT: is Nude Attitude by Revlon
I'm loving them both! Footloose Fuscia has a really creamy texture and can be applied without gloss since it's not a matte and looks great without it however, Nude Attitude will look extremely drying and look terrible WITHOUT gloss but what I do is apply some Blistex prior, then Nude Attitude and then Gloss over it.

SWATCHES! Nude Attitude & Footloose Fuscia

I'm loving my M.A.C 109 brush so much! I personally solely use this for contouring. The reason why this brush is so fabulous for that specific purpose is due to how dense the bristles are packed together and how small it is. Unlike when I use a fluffer angled brush which leaves my contouring a little bit to wide for my liking, this simply creates a nice, defined line that isn't way too thick.
In the picture above I have on M.A.C's 'Show Orchid' which is another favorite! It's a bright Fuscia with microscopic duo-chrome blue/purple specks.


  1. OMG, I absolutely love Footloose Fuschia on you! where did you get it, I was in RiteAid today and didn't see it :-(

  2. I think it's limited addition because there was only like 2 left when I found it accidentally..

  3. I wear Nude Attitude every day! I have to make sure I wear balm and a gloss with it, otherwise it dries my lips out.

    Show Orchid looks awesome against your skin tone! It's on my wish list!


  4. omg i'm loving these fuschia colours on you! you look gorgeous with it on <3

  5. Beautiful! I love your blog :D check mine out,

  6. I gave you a beauty blog award!!! I posted it on my blog :) come see it :)

  7. Hi love this is cydangie from youtube. i followed your blog. you're super duper pretty..and i was thinking of getting the 109 brush..have you ever try it with liquid foundation before?

  8. omg i have nude attitude and it seems like no matter wat gloss i put over just doesnt look good. ive tried pinks like under age, blue undertoned pinks, even neutrals like a brown shade kind of idk how to describe it but yea..i just cant make it look good. wat l/g do u put over nude attitude?

  9. you should try revlon's 003 mauve it over,
    ohhh its so gorgeous aaa! i <3 it!