Sunday, March 28, 2010

M.A.C 'Painterly' Paint Pot

"Painterly" Paint pot by M.A.C, this product is one of the most raved about products within the blog and youtube community. I first purchased this product about a year ago and as you see above I still have a lot left. I use this product maybe 3 to 4 times a week on my lids to create a base so that my eyeshadows can adhere to the lid better and to intensify the color of any eyeshadow that is similar in color to this specific paint pot. The color of this product is a pinky- nude and it does a lovely job at covering slight blotchy-ness on the lid or any light marks if your light all the way to a medium/ tan complexion. This products is not meant to be a concealer so keep that into consideration, this is a cream color that is meant to intensify the color of the eyeshadow you apply. A lot of people use this product to prevent creasing but this really does not do that if you have oily lids. If I apply this, which dries to a nice matte nude color and I add an eyeshadow on top, the eyeshadow will crease within 2-4 hours (on a regular fall/cold day). I would assume this wouldn't be the ideal product for a hot summer day since it is a cream and creams tend to melt away with heat. 
My overall thoughts about this specific product is if applied alone with some mascara it gives a nice, slight coverage to any blotchy-ness and it defiantly adds life to your lid but if used with an eyeshadow on top you might experience creasing if you have oily lids. In that case, I would suggest using Urban Decays Primer Potion and then the Paint Pot if you plan on wearing eyeshadow. The price of this is 16.50 for 0.17 oz and it also comes in other colors such as brown, black, bronze etc

Friday, March 26, 2010


Hey everyone, 
Remember when I spoke about some amazing brushes and mirrors that I was sent a few months back, well they're being super generous and are
offering a FREE Tote Bag & a special 25% Discount for products.
All you have to do is type in "BB30" during checkout for the discount. Please note that this offer expires on 4/21/10.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I did a little damage this weekend...

A little being an understatement...Smashbox Light Primer & Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder
Color: Classic Beige (light/medium coverage)

My new skin care routine (I will do a review soon)

Abercrombie& Fitch bathing suit
Forgery E/S MAC & MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35
OMG! The Coach perfume smells orgasmic, LEFT: it's B/E concealer in Summer Bisque

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Listening to: Swing Life Away- Rise Against ♫♪

Let me start of by saying it was such a yucky rainy and windy day in New York City. I seriously hate gloomy/rainy days- I never thought the weather could have such an effect on my mood, well it does, I feel all blah and sad, plus there isn't much to do and oh yea, my umbrella broke in half (it was a good one too) not cool. Anyways, I've also been beyond stressed because of school, I'm a stress/anxiety eater, I seriously just crave everything that isn't healthy which is why I'm not 130 pounds anymore, I'm 137 now =/ Okay, I know what your thinking 7 pounds is not that serious Nat, well when you can barely breath in your jeans...that's when you know that 7 pounds DOES make a serious difference. Everyday I wake up saying, today I will eat healthy and not eat to just eat, and well that hasn't been working apparently but I know it's all due to school because when I'm not in school I loose weight since I'm occupied with either making youtube videos, working, hanging out w/ friends and I have time to exercise. I also love going for walks but when it's too cold, that's not entirely relaxing. I can't wait for spring/summer (:

Ps. I keep reminding myself school will be over before I are some pictures of last weekend.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Favs.

LEFT: is Footloose Fuscia by L'oreal & RIGHT: is Nude Attitude by Revlon
I'm loving them both! Footloose Fuscia has a really creamy texture and can be applied without gloss since it's not a matte and looks great without it however, Nude Attitude will look extremely drying and look terrible WITHOUT gloss but what I do is apply some Blistex prior, then Nude Attitude and then Gloss over it.

SWATCHES! Nude Attitude & Footloose Fuscia

I'm loving my M.A.C 109 brush so much! I personally solely use this for contouring. The reason why this brush is so fabulous for that specific purpose is due to how dense the bristles are packed together and how small it is. Unlike when I use a fluffer angled brush which leaves my contouring a little bit to wide for my liking, this simply creates a nice, defined line that isn't way too thick.
In the picture above I have on M.A.C's 'Show Orchid' which is another favorite! It's a bright Fuscia with microscopic duo-chrome blue/purple specks.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pictures I've taken lately...

I don't love the snow since it gets dirty and slushy and ruins my outfits because I'm forced to wear rain-boots but it is amazing for photography shots
The infamous M.A.C Ad lol brought to you by Naty1129
This was an outfit post I did on my chictopia which is a website blog for fashionistas!
The lipstick I have on is Footloose Fuscia by Loreal