Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kim Kardashian bright under eyes

Just like a lot of you guys, Kim Kardashian is my beauty and style role model. I love everything she wears and her make-up however, in this picture I do not like her hair. I've never been into the real tight pony tails, I think if it were a little loose and messy it would look cute. Anyways, one of my favorite things about Kim's make-up is how bright her under eyes always seem to look. I do not do this on a daily basis but when I'm going out to dinner or out with the girls during the night I do love to wear concealer 2/3 shades lighter than my natural skin tone. In M.A.C I wear a NC35 and under my eyes I'd wear NC20 and set it with Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening powder #2. Underneath is a picture of me when I have really bright under eyes!


  1. You look awesome! Kim is one of my style icons, too. Her make-up just keeps getting better and better!

    Great look!


  2. omg u look great! i don't use's weird since i'm a makeup artist and all. i def wanna try this!

  3. I don't liker her hair too, but make-up is gorgeous

  4. I love Kim's looks. She is always glowing and gorgeous. I especially love how bright her under eyes are too. Its very youthful.