Monday, February 15, 2010

Get to know me, just a little...

I’m supposed to write 7 facts about myself :
1) I love ice cream ever since I was a itty bitty baby, I eat ice cream even when it’s like 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, nuts I know!

2)I used to figure skate when I was around 10 years old for almost 2 years and won my first and last second place trophy, unfortunately I had to stop because my mom couldn’t afford my classes.

3) I can’t sleep without socks or a blanket- my feet have to be warm and a blanket makes me feel safe… (=

4) I love “movie music” the kind they add to important scenes- whenever I’m in the back seat of a car I lean my ahead against the window put on my ipod and add those soundtracks to events of my life and reminisce

5) I’m a sucker for romanticy movies and books, specially if they have vampires in them

6) I dislocated my neck dancing to Britney Spears “You drive me crazy” back in like 5th grade- I had to wear a soft cast so that the bones would go back to their normal position and I can straighten my neck up…very painful!

7) As hard as I try to keep a planner and be organized, it always fails- I’ll keep it up for about a few days and then forget about the planner and never write in it again- I like to justify that by saying I’m just a super spontaneous person who doesn’t believe in planning things out

The Task: fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates-
Below, the bolded things are what you MUST include.

I like food
I like going to the movies and getting nachos with a diet coke lol
I like when it’s semi-chilly and I can enjoy some coffee or hot chocolate
I like thin sliced ham
I like hugs from behind
I like laughing until my stomach hurts
I like make-up
I like long car rides with my friends.
I like traveling and visiting new places
I like The Cheesecake Factory but hate cheesecake (I LOVE their food though!)
I like getting packages in the mail.
I like long hand written letter- I feel there’s more emotions involved
I love bright sunny days with clear blue skies (Ahh the BEST thing ever)
Today is Feb. 14th 2010

I hate that junk food tastes so good
I hate when it gets really cold outside
I hate people who like to be loud, obnoxious and the center of attention
I hate disappointment.
I hate people who think they know better than you.
I hate when people don’t flush the toilet in public bathrooms
I hate when the car takes too long to warm up.
I hate people that always have a blah face and are monotone
I hate not being able to do everything I want too- due to financial reasons!

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