Sunday, July 19, 2009

Makeup storage on the run..

I purchased this makeup bag at a store called Daffy's in Manhattan, It's similar to a TJMaxx. They have a variety of clothes, bags, shoes, accessories etc from different stores that send their "out of style" stuff to these stores because they need to make room for new stuff. Anyways, I'm currently just doing makeup on family & friends so I don't need a train case yet but I do need something to hold my makeup when I go sleep over my boyfriends house, friends house or whenever a friend needs a quick look done. In my bag I don't throw in everything I own, I simply take what I know I'll need for that friend or what I need for the weekend at my boyfriends. The brand is called Designer Guild and the original price was I think $29.99 or something crazy like that but thanks to these lovely stores it was on sale for $8.99!


  1. Oh,so nice.I like his color not to bright and it is gonna be dirty not so fast.Greate choice!!!

  2. thats a really cute makeup bag and its an awesome steal too!