Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines day '2009

Hey everyone, just some random pictures of me and my boyfriend on Valentines day. We didn't do too much just kind of had a laid back day at his house and watched some cutesy romantic movies lol. We were suppose to go to the city and take pictures and all that mushy stuff but we didn't get a chance to.

Most of the chocolates were gone after a couple of hours hehehe


  1. Cute stuff. Thanks for your response to my entry. This whole this is so over done, and I saw she wrote to someone she was thinking of contacting a lawyer. It is out of hand, and unnecessary.

  2. YOU'RE ON SPEKTRA RIGHT NOW UNDER LATEST VIDEOS. I cant leave you a comment on you tube cause theyre updating lol. I hope you see this.

  3. awwww u guys look cute!! my boyfriend is my total opposite i would usually go for...who would have thought! lol

  4. as long as u were with the loved on thats all that matta!
    thank god for every second u with him
    god bless u girl