Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MAC blushes

I bought these two blushes from MAC today, I first said to myself okay just go in and get the peachy toned blush you've been wanting, but as a makeup junkie it's so hard to control yourself with so many goodies basically screaming for you to buy them lol. The one on the left side is called "Mocha" and its a Soft plum-pink (Matte) gorgeous color to wear in the daytime becuase it looks so natural; and the one on the left is "Sincere" Muted beige/coral (Sheertone) another beautiful color that looks super natural as well. I realized most of my blushes all had shimmer in them and don't get me wrong I love that glowy-dewy look to my cheecks but to were out in broad daylight it can be a little too much you know what I mean ? So, yea that's about it I didn't get anything from the Hello Kitty collection because none of the items really wowed me.


  1. they both look lovely and suitable for day like u said. great choices.

  2. I was looking for a color like that! "sincere" is perfect! congratulations for your purchase, I will look for it! Beautiful blog! :) I follow you.. :)