Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Loreal eyeliner precision tip review

Slanted precision felt tip. L'Oreal presents Telescopic Eyeliner, for a precisely defined and intense eye look. Telescopic Eyeliner's slanted precision felt tip is angled to allow you to quickly draw the most accurate line. All day wear; Glides on without smudging or smearing; Ophthalmologist and allergy tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers; Fragrance free. Made in Germany.

This eyeliner really does allow you to make the thinnest most delicate line ever. Dries pretty quick and doesn't smudge at all, I have to say I'm truly impressed this liquid eyeliner actually lives up to the whole "precision" thing. Although i find it a little hard to draw on a thick line because the tip is really fine and stiff but that's okay. I defiantly recommend this eyeliner for everyone but especially for those who like that soft natural look, which comes when making a very thin line but if your more into the really thick line you may have a little trouble using this eyeliner at first (I'm one of those who like the thick black line but this eyeliner is great for just a everyday look). My advice is to put it on in little strokes instead of trying to do it in one swoop.

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