Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Haul #2

I went to CVS, MAC, & beauty supply store got a couple of thing, I also got my coastal scents order =)
-"Blankety" lipstick
-Sally Hansen's clear diamond strength "NO CHIP" clear
-Sally Hansen's Hard as nails extreme wear in "FUCHISA POWER"
-Sally Hansen's LIP INFLATION EXTREME in clear
-Neutrogena oil-free corrector in green contains Salicylic Acid 0.5%
-Essence of beauty Angle blusher brush
-Tresemme Heat Tamer spray
-Regular 88 palette
-Empty containers
-Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush
-Crayon colors in Rust, strawberry milk & Iced mocha
-NYX lip gloss in "Pink frost"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Make-up Tips by Troy Jensen

I got these make-up tips from Troyjensen.com, one of Kim Kardashians make-up artists.

Advice and tips:

1. Get yourself some good brushes. It will really help you to create all your best looks. It all starts with the right tools and the right products…

2. Don’t keep unused make-up too long. Get rid of it or give it to your lil sister and make room for some new colors. Keeping organized will help you to plan out all your best looks.

3. Have a variety of foundation formulas. A sheer formula; for the days when you need just a hint of coverage. Tinted moisturizers can do the trick, as well. A medium coverage formula; for days when you may need a little extra help, in evening out your complexion or to cover a few breakouts. A potted concealer or stick usually does the trick. By keeping a variety of formulas, you will always have just the right coverage. Sometimes, you may need a little of both.

4. Start any make-up application with a positive affirmation. {example: “i’m a great make up artist” etc.} Repeat it in your head. It works when you start to believe it. Then go for it! Play and create whatever you want.

5. No obsessing, judging or, comparing. Make your own cool list. What do you like? Consider all the good things you love or that are going on for you and actually turn them into a cool-list. Read them out loud! Follow your own ideas of what you personally like. ”green eyeshadow”? Go for it! Be original and don’t be afraid to express your ideas. Who knows you, might start a trend or two.

6. Eyebrows: they say, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” Then the eye-brows are the windows frame. Through the decades we have seen the coolest shapes in eye-brows. Today, trimmed, arched and gelled, brows have never been more groomed. Tip:”don’t pluck too high of an arch, it can give you a look like you are angry all the time.” Instead brush with a brow brush or a clean mascara brush and snip with nail scissors. If your brows are a bit too dark, try brushing a little bit of gold or bronze mascara with a bit of brow gel. It will soften the face and show off your eye make-up better. If you love the look, you might want to color them lighter. Make sure you have a professional show you what to use. You wouldn’t want them too light or too brassy.

7. When using shimmers on the body or face. Tip: mix avery small amount of the shimmer in with your face/body lotion or in with your foundation. That way your skin will have a nice natural glow and not look too frosty or glittery…but fresh and sexy.

8. I love using lashes, whether they are individuals or a full strip. Lately i’ve been using half a strip and placing it on the outer edges of the eye. Tip: cut about half of the end off. Just use the beginning part and place it where the end would’ve been. The smaller hairs blend great and the slightly longer hairs lengthen the eye with out being too long. Finish, by adding a touch of mascara to the base of the lash. Always use an eyelash curler first. It helps the faux lashes to sit on the natural lash base. It may take a little practice, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a breeze.

9. In my kit you’ll find high end products as well as all my favorites from the drug store. Tip: shop around and don’t feel pressured to buy. You may find something that you love on both counters.

10. Are you stuck in a beauty rut? Tip: visit a make-up counter and ask to try something that catches your eye. Such as; a good moisturizer? A little pot of loose glitter? A shimmer cream that works on cheeks and lips? Black eye-liner? A sexy shade of lip gloss? Do you want to change your look, like the celebrities i work with do? Tip: be a natural girl. Try a tinted moisturizer, cream cheek color and a little mascara. Want to be a rocker chick? Try a natural self tanner, black eye-liner and a sheer red lip gloss. Then, change to a girlie girl. Try a cream shadow and dot it on your brow bone, or a shimmer face cream, dotted at the top of your cheekbones. Add a lash, like i’ve explained on # 8. Finish, with a flavor scented lip gloss. These are easy, because you can do almost all of it with your finger tips. Sparkle add’s a feminine touch. So whether you want to be a low maintenance diva or a full out glamore girl, these are just a few tips to get started.

Clinque Moisture Surge

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
Rapidly boosts skin's moisture level, restoring balance. To comfort, soften and smooth in a flash. Plump up fine dry lines. Oil-free. For all skin types. Use under or over makeup, or as a mask. For the best results, apply your Moisture Surge Extra after using your 3-Step Skin Care and other accessory products for an immediate moisture boost. It can be applied daily all over your face (avoiding the immediate eye area) and as spot treatment around mouth and neck, crow's feet. (It can also be mixed with a bit of your foundation in your hand before applying to give it an additional moisture boost.)It's like a moisture booster- it intensifies the moisturization benefits of your other moisturizers, and extends the benefits for a longer time. It can also be used alone on oily skins that may need hydration, but not oil.

SIZE: 1.7 oz jar


First off, I got this product for free since the whole Macy's overpricing customer for years and because of a lawsuit settlement they were giving away beauty products while supplies last. I've only tried this product for a couple of days now and i really love it but THIS IS NOT A MOISTURIZER; i read a couple of people saying this isn't very moisturizing well that's because its not meant to replace your moisturizer is a moisture surge that you can wear under or over make-up for that extra boost of moister. This gel-creme is extremely lightweight oil-free and goes on your skin smoothly and absorbs in about a minute if not less. I personally use it before applying my regular moisturizer or whenever i feel is a little dry. If your using it all over your face before makeup all you need is about a quarter size amount and if its over makeup all you need is just a small dab and you can pat it onto the area on your face that seems dry. Although it was free i would buy this product; even though it may seem a little pricey all you really need is a small amount so it will defiantly last you a while.